Has our Freedom died?

I usually dont rant and rave about goverment subjects and could really care less about polotics and political bull shit, but there is one thing about this country that rubs me the wrong way and i cant stay quiet about it. This country was not owned by anybody at one point witch is how it still should be. I have recently been enlightened by the fact that even if you own your own piece of property out right and away from basic civilization or any neighbors view the police will still come in and harrass you if you build a small simple hippie house or cabin not built to code. WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY CARE!?!?! who are we hurting by trying to build our own home like our ancestors and the founders of this country. sure its just great that there is so much technology in the world and so many advancments from even a few hundred years ago. But me like many other americans dont need or want all of that goverment controlling bullshit iun our lives i want to live off the grid im only 17 and can see this whole system is fucked and twisted from what it originally was. I have a full time job i have a bright future ahead of me but, i want to live on my own secluded with my thoughts my dog and nature to learn from. I cant do this though unless i have 10,000 bucks to buy my own property…..